The Science is Never Settled

I have been thinking about the phrase “the science is settled” lately. In university, I worked in a zoology lab and helped graduate students with their research for three years. When we didn’t understand something, we worked towards understanding it by conducting more experiments. That’s how research works…ask many questions and look for answers. AND be open to having your hypotheses crushed with new findings. Let’s keep that in mind – a true scientists will continue to work on a problem until it is understood. Let’s not short change Homeopathy – hundreds of millions of people use it all around the world with exceptional results! This medical practice wouldn’t be thriving of it didn’t work.
We may need more research, to understand HOW homeopathy works but let’s not discard all of the amazing research that has been conducted thus far.
Truthful research with excellent results – we have it! Let’s celebrate and keep helping those in need.

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