OCHM’s student clinic is a treasure—one that sets us apart from most other homeopathic schools. We feel strongly that a complete Homeopathic education requires live patient care in order for students to achieve a level of mastery and confidence in homeopathic practice – one that cannot be achieved by watching someone else practice. Our scaffolded, clinical program is twenty years old and has effectively transitioned hundreds of student practitioners into competent Homeopaths with rigorous clinical training. Supervised by highly skilled Homeopaths with vast clinical experience, students leave OCHM well-grounded in the practice of homeopathic medicine, leading them to being successful practitioners upon completion of their education.

As an added benefit, our thriving teaching clinic offers students a successful start to their Homeopathic careers by supporting word of mouth referral to their practices upon graduation.  We welcome our students to retain all of the patients they see in our teaching clinic as Primary Case-Takers, respecting the bond they have developed with their patients, and offering them a patient base with which to start their own practice. In some instances, graduating students are offered space at OCHM in which to initiate their career as regulated health practitioners in Ontario.

Our unique Clinical Internship Program is a crucial component of our Intensive Diploma Program in Homeopathy.

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In addition to serving our students, our supervised teaching clinic offers excellent quality homeopathic care at reduced rates, making homeopathic care accessible to everyone. In keeping with our mission of providing excellent quality homeopathic care to a wide population of people, as well as being a pioneer in innovative and caring health provision, our clinic reaches a population that may not be able to afford private homeopathic care, or who are unaware of the breadth and effectiveness of homeopathic medicine.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with a consistently high level of clinical care with experienced Homeopathic Practitioners supervising senior students that results in positive educational outcomes for our students and positive healthcare outcomes for our patients. Each case is received in a non-judgemental and safe environment with great emphasis on confidentiality and on-going care.

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Homeopathic Medicine plays a vital role in integrative healthcare. It can be used on its own to treat both chronic and acute conditions or in conjunction with conventional therapies. It is a safe, gentle and efficient medicine that treats on a holistic level.

People of all ages come to our clinic with a large range of needs from boosting their overall health with preventative measures, to the treatment of specific health problems.

Homeopathy can work effectively in treating people with a wide variety of problems including: skin diseases, colds and flu, allergies, digestive problems, infectious diseases, and even genetic or psychological disorders.

Every individual is assessed as a whole person and each case is seen as unique.


The initial consultation takes approximately two hours. During that time, you will be asked to talk about yourself and all of your symptoms in as much detail as possible. You will also be asked to talk about events in your life that have had an impact on you so that the practitioners can understand how you deal with certain situations. Because this is a teaching clinic, students will be both observing and taking the patient’s case under close supervision.  After the initial consultation, the students will have a brief discussion about your case immediately after your consultation, and will meet one week later for a more comprehensive discussion and determination of the best homeopathic medicine and mode of dosing for your case and best treatment plan for your individual needs. Our receptionist will email you with instructions as well as mail you the remedy and written instructions, as well as make a follow-up appointment for you. Follow up appointments take between 30-45 minutes and the frequency of the appointments is based on the patient’s condition.

While we are very proud of the quality of care that we offer at the OCHM clinic, we are not able to offer 24/7 access as you might get from a private clinician. Our students are not yet registered practitioners and are not legally allowed to dispense homeopathic advice without a supervisor present. We endeavour to provide support and answer any and all questions as promptly as possible.

With your first visit at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine’s Teaching Clinic you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding your current state of health and health history. You are also required to provide us with a signed Consent Form. You will be emailed these forms in advance of your appointment. Please fill them out and send back to us at info@ochm.ca well in advance of your appointment.


Initial consultation $100
Follow-up Visit $50
Acute case $60
Remedy $12

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