The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (OCHM) is proud to offer the most comprehensive Homeopathic education available in Ontario. We have an international reputation as a leader in Classical Homeopathic education with programs that are comparable to some of the best schools around the world.

We prepare our students to far exceed the requirements for the professional “Homeopath” designation in Ontario, as well as providing them with the clinical and academic training needed to practice homeopathy successfully upon graduation in the international marketplace.

Our students come to us from various work and academic backgrounds and at different life stages. We understand that the decision to study homeopathy is one that must work with the complicated lives of our students. Because many of our students are professionals looking to change careers, we offer an accelerated program that could see them practicing homeopathy within two years. For those in less of a hurry, we will work with them individually to tailor a course of study to work with the particular demands of their life.

We do this by offering a range of programs, all with a large degree of flexibility, but also all with the comprehensive and robust curriculum that has made OCHM a leader of excellent quality homeopathic education in Canada. Our programs feature a unique blend of independent, distant learning; in-class learning; and a comprehensive, scaffolded student clinical internship.

Just as homeopathy is medicine that speaks to the unique individuality of the patient, we reflect that respect for individual needs in the flexibility and individual tailoring of our programs. We are proud of our openness to a wide range of student needs as it allows us to attract a diverse and talented group of students to study homeopathy at OCHM.

In our student clinic we provide a consistently high level of clinical care with experienced Homeopaths who supervise students, resulting in positive educational outcomes for our students and patients alike. Each case is received in a non-judgmental and safe environment with great emphasis on confidentiality. Our students are not mere observers of case-taking as in other schools, but graduate with considerable direct case-taking experience (all under the watchful eye of an experienced Homeopathic supervisor), preparing them to practice successfully at a high standard upon completion of the program.

Our reputation for robust and comprehensive curriculum, our highly experienced faculty, our vast community resources and the atmosphere of open inquisition at the College, as well as our willingness to make our program individually structured as needed all make a difference in the quality of professionals that graduate from our school.