At OCHM we understand that many people interested in homeopathic education do not live in Toronto, where we are based, or may not have lives that allow them to fulfill the requirements of our 18-Month Intensive Blended Program. Moreover, as homeopaths, we understand the need to individualize the educational experience, much as we individualize treatment.

While we believe that having that face-to-face connection with teachers and peers is a beneficial aspect of training, we understand that it is not always possible. For that reason, we are extremely flexible about tailoring our programs to your needs, which in some instances, means doing our entire program via distance learning modules.

The entire prerequisite program, as well as the distance learning/independent study modules are fully designed for distance education. We provide close support and one on one tutorial assistance as you go through the program as needed – both to make your education more successful and to keep you connected to OCHM.  Technology makes this process very easy and we’re happy to work with you to accommodate your specific requirements.

The clinical component of our program can be organized from the distance as well. Clinic 1 is a distance learning program. Clinic 2 (Observation) can be arranged at a clinic near you (with our approval of the preceptor), or via video conferencing into the OCHM student clinic. Clinic 3 (Secondary Case-Taker) can also be arranged via video conferencing into the OCHM student clinic. Clinic 4 (Primary Case-Taker) can be organized by you at a geographically convenient clinic. In this case, you need to get approval from a local homeopath, make your own financial arrangements with that homeopath, and provide your own patients. Some distance learning students chose to do their primary case-taking cases at OCHM, travelling to Toronto for that purpose as needed.

At OCHM we are committed to graduating highly qualified practitioners who are ready to practice independently upon completion of our in-depth program. We see our clinical requirements as essential for achieving this goal and will do our best to help you tailor a successful clinical internship experience even from afar.