A Case Digestive Issues & Bowel Nosodes

A Case Digestive Issues & Bowel Nosodes

October 17, 2014

Homeopathic Case of digestive issues taken this year.
Female, 48, Chief complaint: Digestion
Patient came in with too much gas, abdominal bloating and diarrhea. She had joint pain in her fingers. She was stressed out at work from overload resulting in tension in her chest. Hip pain,thyroid cyst and sleep problems were additional symptoms presented. 
Prescription: Morgan Gaertner 30C, one dry dose under the tongue.
Follow up #1 in 4 weeks:
·  Overall feeling of well being improved. She feels calmed down.
·  Appetite improved by 80%.
·  Bloating improved by 50%.
·  Joint pain stayed the same.
·  Tension in chest is gone. Still the same stressful situation but handles it differently.
·  Allergy still there. Slight improvement.
·  Hip pain gone.
·  Bowel movements improved dramatically. Feels more empty.
·  Gas improved by 20%.
·  Thyroid cyst: Needs specialist visit to assess.
Prescription: Repeat one dose of Morgan Gaertner 30C.
Follow up #2 in another 4 weeks: 
Patient used to have Asthma with no symptoms for a year now. Two weeks before the consult it came back for two days with smaller intensity and shorter duration. It was a reoccurrence of an old symptom, which for us homeopaths is a confirmation that the remedy is working.
·  Overall feeling of well being further improved. She feels calmed down. She feels young again.
·  Appetite good.
·  Bloating further improvement. Still not 100% but does not bother her. 
·  Joint pain – the intensity stayed the same but frequency of attacks reduced by 50%. By now after 4 months the joint pain is completely gone.
·  Tension in chest is gone. 
·  Allergy further improvement. Does not feel anything.
·  Hip pain gone.
·  Bowel movements OK.
·  Gas improved further.
·  Thyroid cyst: Appointment a week ago showed reduction in size.
Prescription: Wait
After another two follow ups the Patient’s overall health further improved and she is enjoying her newly found youth with overall well-being and reduction of all presenting symptoms!

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