Homeopathy and HIV

Homeopathy and HIV

October 22, 2014

A wonderful case of Adamus – the diamond that withstands all pressure..
Male Age 28, Chief complaint: HIV
Patient came in with HIV. He had a chronic head ache on the left side of the vertex ameliorated by pressure. He had full whole body pain, When he got stressed out he did not want to talk to anybody. At his job he felt it is his duty to do it as good as it gets. He lost too much weight so he felt his bones on the shoulders. He said if he gains his weight back it would look so beautiful. He has been reading a lot about HIV and tried to avoid things to better control it. With prescription medication his CD4 count was constantly at 650 (limits are 500-1,500). With no meds it was down to 250. His hands were yellow. he had latent Tuberculosis virus detected in the lab test. He had pain in the waist area on both sides. 
Prescription: Adamas 200C, one dry dose under the tongue.
Follow up #1in three weeks:
·  CD4 count almost at 1100.
·  No more headaches. 
·  Gained 2kg – he had no weight gain in last 2 years.
·  No body aches at all.
·  No more yellow hands.
·  Rib pain down to 2/10 from 8/10.
·  Latent TB positive for 3 years, has shown up as negative after the remedy.
·  Overall he’s doing so much better  saying he’s 90% better.
Prescription: Wait
Follow up #2 in another two weeks:
·  Patient reported further improvement in sleep pattern, overall energy, rib pain and he said he feels 95% better than before the remedy. he does not get stressed out at work any more. On top of that his worries about the HIV went from a high 80% to 0% in 5 weeks.
Prescription: Wait
Patient is scheduled for another follow up.

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