Calc-sulph Tissue Salts is considered “the Blood Cleanser”

Calc-sulph tissue salts: an important component in the formation of connective tissue as well as new cells in the body. This tissue salt is considered “the blood cleanser”. It is found in the gallbladder and liver and assists in the removal of waste from the bloodstream via the lymphatic system . Calc-sulph helps to expel pus from the body.

Useful in skin ailments, wounds, infections, acne/pimples, shingles, ulcers, abscesses, boils…where wounds are slow to heal and where there is yellow sticky discharge. The suppuration can be controlled with this tissue salt and infections can be cleared. Especially those infections of the bronchioles as in bronchitis. It helps to dispel purulent discharges from mucous membranes. The presence of pus with a “vent” is the general indication.

Worse stuffy and warm conditions.
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