Ferrum Metallicum is a great Homeopathic Remedy for Anemia

Ferrum metallicum is a great homeopathic remedy for anemia. It is well suited to those patients who have extremities that are consistently cold, they are quite sensitive and feel worse after any exertion. They feel weak very easily. This patient will exhibit paleness of the skin alternative with hot flushes; which points to an uneven distribution of blood. Muscles are relaxed.

On a mental/emotional level, this patient is irritable, the slightest noise bothers them and become vexed with the slightest opposition.

The headaches in patients requiring this remedy are characteristic: hammering, congestive headaches with pain extending to the teeth (accompanied by cold extremities). Scalp is painful and must let the hair down (if up).

Better icy cold water when there is pain in the teeth. Better by moving about GENTLY. Worse rapid motion.

Voracious appetite (or the opposite). Cannot stand sour things.Eructations of food after eating. Intolerant to eggs. Distention in the stomach after eating with flatulent dyspepsia.

Pains and physical complaints come on during rest. Great weakness and is unable to work; feels he must lie down.

Patient bleeds easily. There is a loss of fluids that leads to weakness.

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