We are very excited to announce a brand-new program at OCHM.  This Post Graduate Fellowship course is designed for healthcare providers who are looking to receive advanced Homeopathic training.   Such healthcare providers primarily include Naturopathic Doctors, those with a BHMS and Homeopaths.   The course does not include the Health and Medical Sciences as candidates for this program should be well versed in these areas before applying.  Likewise, we expect that candidates applying for this program have a solid understanding of the basic principles and foundational concepts of Classical Homeopathy.


The Post Graduate Fellowship Program is structured into two 5-month modules which can be taken together, or independently of each other, in no specific order. Each module includes a robust agenda of Materia Medica, Homeopathology, Case Management and Analysis, and Clinical Internship.

Upon completion of these modules a healthcare practitioner can expect to be comfortable with the most contemporary theoretical principles and approaches to homeopathic prescribing, as well as an enormous range of remedies that are particularly useful for addressing chronic and acute conditions.

While classical in approach, this program goes well beyond the traditional approaches of Homeopathic prescribing to encompass new concepts and modern ways of applying homeopathy to diseases of the 21st century.

Post Graduate Fellowship session 1 (fall/winter) runs from Sept 5, 2020- February 27,2021
Post Graduate Fellowship session 2 (spring /summer) runs from February, 2021 – July, 2021


Post Graduate session 1 includes (in 29 full day classes and 22 days of clinic) the following topics (subject to change):

  • Kingdoms and other classifications of Remedies, Case Taking and Analysis (optional for students who have taken session 1)
  • Advanced Repertorization
  • Acute Pediatric Prescribing
  • Sea Remedies
  • Remedies of the Periodic Table
  • Miasm
  • Tissue Salts and Bach Flower Essences
  • Autism and Homeopathy
  • Genetic Disorders and Homeopathy
  • ADHD and Homeopathy
  • Bowel Nosode Remedies
  • Headaches/ Sleep and Homeopathy
  • Nosode Remedies
  • LM Prescribing and Posology
  • Mental and Emotional Disorders and Homeopathy
  • Women’s Conditions and Homeopathy
  • Bird Remedies
  • Gemstone Remedies
  • Drug Remedies

Post Graduate Fellowship session 2 includes (in 28 full day classes and 18 days of clinic) the following topics (subject to change):

  • Kingdoms, Case Taking and Analysis (optional for students who have taken this course in Session 2)
  • Advanced Repertorization
  • Immunology and Homeopathy
  • Thyroid Diseases and Homeopathy
  • Going Deeper with Polycrests
  • Spider and Insect Remedies
  • 2nd Prescription, Palliation, Long-Term Case Management
  • Plant Remedies
  • Skin/ Dermatology and Homeopathy
  • Allergies and Homeopathy
  • Remedy Relationships
  • Reptile and Snake Remedies
  • Arthritis and Homeopathy
  • Electronic Repertorization and Case Taking methods
  • Cancer and Homeopathy
  • Psychology for Homeopaths
  • Asthma and Homeopathy
  • Men’s Conditions and Homeopathy
  • Lac Remedies
  • Kali, Natrum, Magnesium, Acid remedies

Post Graduate Fellowship Clinic

Students in our Post Graduate Fellowship Program will be part of our Supervised Student Clinic.   Students entering this program with prior clinical experience in a Homeopathic setting will have a reduced Clinical Observational requirement.

Post Graduate students are expected to participate in a minimum of 15 new-patient cases and 25 follow-ups for those cases (per post graduate session). This includes writing up the case according to provided guidelines and contributing to the supervised group discussion regarding patient care and protocols. Post Graduate Fellowship students are welcome to join clinic for additional cases. All OCHM student clinics are supervised by an experienced homeopath and are excellent opportunities for even experienced clinicians to hone their homeopathic case-taking and analysis skills.

International Students 

People entering Canada on a Visitor Visa are eligible to enroll in our Post Graduate Program.  A Student Visa is not required for programs of study of 6 months or less.  All rules and regulations as they apply to a Visitor’s Visa must be upheld by the visitor.

Bring your clinical practice to the next level!

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