Homeopathy is the 2nd most practiced medical system in the world and is the fastest growing system of medicine according to the World Health Organization. Today, Homeopathy is undergoing resurgence in popularity worldwide. In Europe, Homeopathy plays such a significant role in medical treatment that it is now considered a part of mainstream medicine and is no longer considered “alternative therapy.” People seek out Homeopathy with a large range of needs from boosting their overall health with preventative measures to the treatment of specific health problems.

As we advance into the 21st century, Canadians face many new challenges in their personal healthcare choices and more people are looking towards Homeopathy as a preventative and complementary medicine, especially when allopathic medicine has failed to offer them the relief they seek. It is apparent that Homeopathic Medicine will play a major role in the Canadian health care.

Homeopathy is a creative art as well as a scientific process. Our program provides students with the tools to understand the scientific dimensions of health and disease, as well as the fine art of helping patients heal on a deep level.   Homeopaths must  have the tools, skills and ambition to set up a successful practice in their community and the thirst for life-long learning that makes this profession a rich and satisfying endeavour.

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