Journey with Homeopathy

A Journey with Homeopathy

October 6, 2014

My journey began in June of 2001.  I had performed well on my LSAT and was convinced that I would attend law school to become a voice for the oppressed, a human rights lawyer.  But before beginning such endeavours I wanted to spend a year exploring Asia.  It proved to be a very intensive year of self-realization, learning, and revelation as such travel experiences tend to be.
A life-changing event occurred while I was trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.  On the 23rd day of walking through mountains something went wrong in my lower back, and by the end of the day I could hardly more, let alone continue the journey.  After two days of rest I managed to finish the last couple of days of the trek and return to civilization.  Thus began an intensive journey and exploration of myself, my body, dis-ease, and the healing process.  I began to discover the connections between emotional and spiritual well being and how these aspects manifest in the physical body.
After two weeks of immobility in an Indian hospital and the discovery that a protruding disc was the source of my affliction, I began to search out alternatives to allopathic medicine.  I started by receiving regular Reiki treatments. My experience with Reiki was so powerful that I decided to develop it further and have now received the 3rd degree master’s initiation.  I also discovered the healing arts of Tai Chi and Chi-Kung and practice them regularly, particularly on warm evenings in the park.  All these techniques taught me to observe my emotional states, and understand how feelings affected me energetically and physically.  I embarked on a path of helping other people begin similar journeys of self-discovery.
I first encountered homeopathic medicine while sick in an Indian town called Hampi.  My travelling companion had a homeopathic first aid kit in her backpack, and she treated me to the best of her ability.  Within hours I was feeling much better and utterly amazed how well these little “sugar pills” seemed to work.  Intuitively I began to feel that homeopathy would be part of my path.
For several months I came across many homeopaths and patients along my travels, and I questioned them incessantly about homeopathy and of their experiences with this science and art.  I met a women who cured herself of anthrax, another who found, thanks to her homeopath, that the chronic fatigue syndrome from which she suffered was due to mercury poisoning, and was able to clear the element from her body.
Eventually I stumbled upon an excellent and world renowned homeopathic physician in the city of Pune, India.  I began treatment with him.  Dr. Mukund Subhash Joshi was the first doctor to consider me as a whole person and individual, rather than a set of symptoms.  I found someone with understanding and compassion, whom I felt I could trust completely.  We also discussed my desire to study homeopathy and he offered direction in looking for a school in India, and offered his knowledge and time as a mentor.
I have had great improvement in all aspects of my health since commencing treatment.  Health problems that plagued me for many years, such as irritable bowel syndrome, have almost disappeared.  I feel western physicians have a lot to learn from this holistic style of healthcare.  Through my experience I believe that Homeopathy offers humanity a great tool to be used as an alternative or alongside allopathic and other forms of medicine.
I am attracted to the science of medicine and the art of homeopathy.  Homeopathy addresses the human being as a whole not just as a bundle of symptoms that must be alleviated.  To help people realize their full potential and find spiritual and physical health is very fulfilling to me.  I have always wanted to help change the world and believe that by helping individuals heal we are helping the planet as a whole to heal.  

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