Many of our students come to OCHM because they have had a profound experience with Homeopathy and now want to be able to provide a similar experience to others.  Others have had careers in other health care professions, and want to commit themselves to a healing modality that is safe, effective, holistic, and patient-centered. Once you have decided that Homeopathy is going to be your career path, seek the best possible education to make your goals a successful reality.  You have come to the right place!

OCHM provides the finest homeopathic education available…here’s why:

  • Homeopathy is a regulated healthcare profession and OCHM is the only school that has continuously advocated for the regulation of our profession.  OCHM has the highest standards for homeopathic education and clinical internship in Canada, which will give you the confidence to pursue your career path successfully knowing that you received the best education available.
  • The faculty is world class.   OCHM is dedicated to properly educating students by providing the most passionate teachers to share their wealth of knowledge.
  • Our robust curriculum is relevant and accessible, providing you with a depth of knowledge that prepares you to succeed as a practicing homeopath.
  • The structure and flexibility of our blended program leaves you with time for “life”. Most of our students have families and work. We understand that your lives are complicated and we will support you accordingly. Online training is also available.
  • The clinical internship is hands on and supervised by experienced Homeopaths.  You will have seen hundreds of hours of live patients during your training at OCHM and you will have worked on their cases with other students and faculty — an ideal preparation for stepping into your own practice on graduation.
  • The school has contacts with successful homeopaths around the world and invites them to be guest lecturers yearly.  This experience alone is invaluable.
  • One on one training and individualized support is the norm at our school.