Regulation is different from accreditation. There is no bona fide body in Canada that accredits homeopathic training programs. Some Homeopathic Schools have paid to acquire accreditation from  ACHENA, a private, self-proclaimed accreditation commission for homeopathic education in North America.

The province of Ontario is the ONLY jurisdiction in North America where the profession of Homeopathy is regulated by a government-mandated College of Homeopaths (CHO), and ONLY by the College, making private accreditation unnecessary and without substance.  The CHO provides robust guidelines for quality control of homeopathic training programs in Ontario as well as for practicing homeopaths via their Competencies for Practice Standards.

Referencing outside bodies that do not focus on competencies required by the Ontario regulations, is confusing and misleading for those interested in pursuing homeopathic education in Ontario.

Beyond our Canadian borders, our graduates are qualified and eligible to write the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) exam and practice in the USA.