An Pediatrician’s Perspective on Homeopathic Care

An Pediatrician’s Perspective on Homeopathic Care

October 27, 2014

I was a pediatrician in Russia and I saw a lot of side effects from antibiotics and other chemotherapy drugs.  It helped me to understand that I have to try homeopathy as a natural special kind of treatment.  When I discovered homeopathy for the first time it was a real gift for me and my patients.  Especially for parents who did not know how to help their kids, who tried many different medicines without any positive lasting results.
In Saint-Petersburg we have an old school of classical homeopathy and I finished some courses.  Then I realized that this medicine was very beneficial for people of all ages in the world.
Homeopathy treats patients in general and stimulates the immune system of our body.  Only this method of treatment can eliminate causes of a wide variety diseases and can remove such problems like allergy.
I believe that homeopathy is the medicine of the future.  Numerous doctors test new remedies which helps homeopathy constantly develop and grow.  I hope that people will understand this special natural medicine and will use it for treatment their acute and chronic problems, psychological disorders, and even for prophylaxis of infectious diseases.
Working in this field of healthcare that is often seen as alternative medicine, is a priviledge as it makes a tremendous difference in the lives of children and patients. I encourage families to take the opportunity to explore this form of medicine for your wellness needs. 

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