Remedy Spotlight: The Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall stands for division, intense fear, suspicion, the worst of the cold war, KGB-FBI, intrigues, betrayal, spying. In total, 588 deaths were registered from trying to cross the wall.
“An Irish colleague Declan Hammond told of his experiences with Berlin Wall. His Berlin Wall story really took me and as soon as I was back home I ordered the remedy and started a proving.” Kees Dam
From the provings and the dozens of cases in his practice, Declan Hammond gives the following picture of B.W. (after 2 years of experience):

• Forsaken and SEPARATION is the general symptom in all patients | despair | Not showing anything: MASKS | Suspicious | Frequent weeping | grief | Depression | Panic, TERROR | Unable to break from the past | Aggression | Impulsivity | Guilt
Physicals: ASTHMA, crushing on chest, suffocation | Headache, deep crushing, congestion | Temporary blindness and deafness in emotional situations | Stiffness of joints-swelling: ” a claw coming into it” | Emptiness, a hole in the gut | Narcolepsia
The deepest delusion of Berlin Wall is probably not being able to make a distinction between himself and the other person. The Berlin Wall person very easily lets the other person inside of himself (no border) and then sees (and judges) himself from the other person’s perspective.
Please see this link for more on Berlin Wall:

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