Remedy Spotlight: Canada Goose

Remedy Spotlight: Canada goose. The first modern proving conducted at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in 1998 was the Canada goose egg (branta canadensis ovum). Eric Sommermann, PhD, CCH, RSHom (NA) led this proving. This remedy was prepared by using a single egg of the Canada goose.
Mental themes: hearty appetite and high metabolism. Flying and floating. Wanting to be in or around water all-day. A strong desire for order, preparedness, and industriousness with a sense of urgency. Appears mentally scattered with a nostalgic longing for home. Desire to protect their family and children, yet to quarrel heartily with them. A desire for group activities and togetherness, and yet a longing to be alone, only to feel isolated, forsaken, and separate when alone. Trapped sensations and the accompanying desire to escape.
Physical themes: headaches and wave-like sensations of goosebumps along the scalp. Hearing acuity, especially sensitive to electronic sounds and motors. Face symptoms including the sensation of stretched skin, chapped lips. Dry mouth, and a metallic or bloody taste in mouth. Stiff neck, desire to stretch it. Extremities awkwardness.
Patients requiring this remedy will suffer from grief, amel by domestic chores and eating with a sense of urgency. Prefer to eat in groupings where there is a lot of drama. An inner feeling of being caught between two worlds and in transition. This remedy has been used in several cases to heal injuries as the result of whiplash and injuries to the neck and spine.

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