Lecture: Working with Sensations and Inner Metaphors

Working with Sensations and Inner Metaphors. A Phenomenological Approach in Homeopathy.
Phenomenology, epistemology and psychology have immensely evolved during the last century and can give great support to homeopathy as we try to gain a deeper understanding of how diseases express themselves through physical, mental and emotional symptoms, linguistic patterns that describe our experience and our perceptual world.
Modern approaches in Homeopathy stress the importance of studying the experience of the patient as well as collecting the totality of the symptoms and finding characteristic symptoms to prescribe a medicine successfully.
Adapting tools offered by psychology, phenomenology and epistemology into homeopathic case-taking helps to capture the totality of the human experience to avoid limitations of a simplified collection and listing of symptoms.
We would like to invite you to…
– discover a world of inner experience, how it is represented on the level of sensations and the level of inner metaphors
– learn how to effectively facilitate a person’s descriptions of his/her experience from their point of view
– respect the “ecology” of the patient, while staying with and exploring the patient’s perception of reality, and understanding how it is coded into language, body expressions and disease patterns
– understand where to start and what needs to be treated in the case
This lecture is suitable for both experienced and “new” homeopaths, as well as students of homeopathy.
Register at: https://ochm.ca/phenomenology/



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