Anxiety And Homeopathy

Back to school is in full swing and whether you’re sending your kids to school or homeschooling, this is a stressful time…an anxious time! Who’s having more difficulty adjusting? The kids or the parents?
Homeopathic remedies are useful regardless of age so, think of them when anxiety creeps in.
As with every homeopathic remedy, we look at the symptoms the patient is exhibiting in order prescribe properly. Some useful Homeopathic remedies for anxiety include:
Gelsemium: feeling drowsy, dizzy, dull and trembly. Suitable to those that are nervous and sensitive. Dreads ordeals. May have diarrhoea with anxiety.
Argentum nitricum: anticipatory anxiety and apprehension. People may feel nervous and hurried. May experience diarrhea due to the anticipation of something. Loss of ambition due to fear of failure.
Acon: fearful and anxious. Many fears and ailments from fright. Symptoms come on suddenly.
Arsenicum album: restless with anxiety. Digestive complaints accompany anxiety. Type A personality and wish to control their environment to cope with their anxiety.
Baryta carb: Shy, timid and cling on to parent/friend for support. Tendency to constipation.
Cina: irritable and why. Might have an itchy bum!
Lycopodium: hates everything new. Child will be dictatorial. Digestive issue with anxiety. Much worse after school until bedtime.
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