What are bowel Nodes?

Bowel nosodes are prepared from non-lactose fermenting bacteria. It was Dr. Edward Bach who saw a connection between intestinal “germs” and chronic diseases. These germs were present in the intestines of all people. However, in cases of individuals with chronic disease, these germs were large in number and pathogenic, whereas their presence was smaller in proportion in the healthy people.

Dr. Bach isolated the bacilli and attempted to cure his patients by ultimately giving them the potentized preparation of the isolates. He saw that the intestinal flora of his patients was significantly altered after the administration of the appropriate bowel nosode.

Bowel nosode research continued with John and Elizabeth Paterson where 11 Bowel Nosode homeopathic remedies were eventually identified and potentized.

Dr. Edward Bach went on to study the flower remedies after his initial Bowel Nosode findings.

More on the Bowel Nosodes to come.


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