The Whole Art of Medicine

The whole art of medicine is in observation… but to educate the eye to see, the ear to hear and the finger to feel takes time, and to make a beginning, to start a man on the right path, is all that you can do.
William Osler
This very wise physician was not a homeopath but his philosophy on health is brilliant! Good Homeopaths know how important observation is in every case and patient intake.
Hahnemann tells us that “the physicians highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure…as it is called”. Organon, Aphorosm 1
In this world that we live in, let’s try to remember the very basic things in life and treat purely for the sake of making the sick healthy!
Observation and proper analysis are the most important tools a homeopath can implement. No judgement. Just observation.
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