Quick Materia Medica on three Bowel Nosodes: Bacillus #7, Bacillus #10 and 
Dysentery Co

Quick Materia Medica on three Bowel Nosodes:
Bacillus #7: the patient requiring this remedy is tense, overworked, likes to over-indulge, taking medications/antibiotics. Disturbances: FATIGUE, inflammatory arthritis. GI pathophysiology: diffuse, can have IBS bowel picture.
Bacillus #10: dominantly female patients, insecure, desperate to be accepted. Etiology: STDs, opportunistic infections, overuse of supplements & natural remedies. Disturbances: inflammation of mucous membranes, systemic toxicity. Principle locations: vagina, mouth, urogenital organs. GI pathophysiology: disturbed bowel habits, vague IBS pains

Dysentery Co: Predisposed types: trim, health conscious, anxious and tense. Etiology: Drugs, antibiotics and other over-treated infections. Disturbances: Endocrine, thermoregulatory, immune hypersensitivity, chronic fatigue. Principle locations: Thyroid, mucous membranes, respiratory, cardiovascular. GI Pathophysiology: Pyloric and duodenum – indigestions and diarrhoea, IBS, Crohn’s disease
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