Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, let’s talk more Homeopathy!

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, let’s talk more Homeopathy!

Gill Graham on mending a broken heart (full article: We all know of someone who has been devastated following the break-up of a romantic relationship; for this reason, specific homeopathic remedies for a broken heart will be discussed, in the hope that the carefully selected remedy will ease the way forward.

Several key homeopathic remedies can help to address emotional trauma:

Acon: First shock at hearing of break-up of their relationship, feel they might die without their lover, fear, anger, anxiety

Ignatia: Inconsolable, love sick, from disappointed love, sighing is apparent and involuntary, often unable to cope and hysterical

Nat-m: Grief at the loss of the relationship is private, worse for consolation, key physical symptoms appear at the same time

Staphysagria: patient is acutely sensitive, sometimes prone to violence in the face of love that has disappointed, can suppress emotions, feel wounded, pride hurt, feel slighted, inner seething, to point of ‘boiling over.’

Hyoscymus: jealous, hysterical, spitefulness, suspicious and angry, destroys all reminders of lover

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