Morning Sickness

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness for part of even their entire pregnancy. There are many things one can try to help with the discomfort of nausea like eating dry crackers on waking, avoiding rich foods, eating in smaller quantities more often and staying well hydrated. If you are not able to hold down food and water, please seek help from a medical professional for immediate help.
Homeopathy is very safe to use during pregnancy and can offer great relief for morning sickness. Here are some great remedies to try:
Colchicum: extremely sensitive to the smell of foods and retches at the very thought of food (specifically fish and eggs). Nausea is worse from motion. Feels better curled up.
Cocculus: great nausea, all day long. Even the sight of food is off-putting. There is great lassitude and weakness. Appetite is lacking. Feels chilly.
Ipecac: Nausea that is not better with vomiting. Cannot bear the sight or smell of food. Worse heat. Excessive salivation.
Nux-v: Nausea and retching. If you can get the food down, you vomit right away. Dizzy, irritable and chilly. Increased hunger. Indigestion. Irritable and oversensitive to noise and light.

Pulsatilla: Tummy feels heavy. Feels better with fresh air. Weepy, desires company. Heartburn. Desires rich food but makes one feel worse.
Sepia: Nausea at the thought or smell of food. Eating helps the nausea for a short time. Feels tired. Feels better with exercise. Desires sweet and sour foods. Heavy feelings in the pelvis. Indifferent to loved ones.

Tabacum: Incessant nausea, worse warm room and the smell of tobacco. Intense motion sickness, better fresh air.
Always consult with a licensed healthcare provider before starting a new healthcare protocol.

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