Dogs and Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common issue for many dogs; there is a fear of being alone and often, this fear is exhibited in distressing behaviour. The reason some dogs experience fear or anxiety when left alone is because they are natural pack animals and when their “pack” (now humans) aren’t with them, they feel alone/scared/anxious. Such behaviour may also be caused by a change of routine, loud noises, being improperly socialized or from past trauma.

Some common symptoms that can accompany separation anxiety include: digging or scratching, chewing/breaking/ripping things in the house, crying/barking/howling, chewing their own limbs, urination or defecation in the home.

There are some great natural…homeopathic remedies you can try for your pet who is suffering from separation anxiety.

Pulsatilla: for dogs who are clingy and don’t want to be alone, cries when alone and is afraid. They are very anxious when left alone.

Calc-phos: the dog is a destructive type, chewing and ruining furniture in the home. The dog is quite afraid of storms, especially thunder and shakes when company comes over. They have the capacity to run away during a storm because of their fear.

Gelsemium: this is the dog who trembles very easily, the one who urinates accidentally and who is nervous.

Rescue remedy: a Bach flower combination remedy that helps to sooth a pup in a stressful situation.

Give these remedies a go…they’re very helpful with dogs.


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