Why do I want to be a Homeopath?

Why do I want to be a Homeopath? I see this is an opportunity to demonstrate my dire need to help those who are in distress and have nowhere else to turn.
We began with natural medicine and we will return to natural medicine. As baby boomers get older, they will hit an age when they will depend on their medications. The medication that is distributed by conventional medical doctors is greatly affecting the body. Side effects are proving to be more aggressive and dangerous to individuals who depend on medication to ease their pain or control diseases. Therefore, people are turning to natural methods of healing that do not have side effects or pose any danger to the human body. Homeopathy will cure the individual’s mind, body and soul, and patients will leave a Homeopath’s office feeling that their practitioner cares about them.
I truly believe that this would be a career that I would wake up in the morning and look forward to starting the day.
In our short years of life it is our responsibility to leave a little bit of ourselves with all the people we encounter. Through dedication and hard work, I am determined that I will be an effective and safe health care provider. Homeopathic medicine is like a gift from nature. I will embrace the opportunity to share this gift with people who will appreciate it most. As Homeopathy continues to grow in Canada, there will come a time when history will repeat itself and Homeopaths will become the primary health care providers; I am confident that I will be one of them.

OCHM student

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