Carbo Vegetabilis

Carbo vegetabilis is a homeopathic remedy prepared from vegetable charcoal. This remedy has an extensive sphere of action within homeopathy, primarily on the physical sphere.

There are three main characteristics which constitute the essence of this medicine: sluggishness on all plains, coldness and a strong desire for air.

It is often the case that the patient’s health is affected by the shock of an acute illness or an accident. There is emotional indifference. Patient may lose their memory for a short time and then regain it. Its primary actions are on venous circulation, the digestive tract and the respiratory system (primarily indicated in advanced states). The patient is aggravated by lying down and ameliorated by vigorous fanning.

Carbo-v often goes by the name “the corpse reviver” because of its remarkable ability to rally people from the point of death when symptoms point to its prescription – patient is in a state of collapse, there is laboured breathing, coldness of extremities, coldness of breath, tongue and nose. The body temperature drops and the patient experiences cold perspiration. Pallor turns white with a blue tinge in areas of least circulation.

In digestive disorders, there is extreme bloatedness, peptic ulcers, gastritis and colitis. Eructations relieve. Overeating aggravates (especially fatty foods and alcohol).

There is an aversion to heat, air hunger and desire to be fanned. The patient is unable to lie down and must be propped up.


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