Natural Solutions as alternative to Zantac

This past month, the FDA released a press release about a very popular heartburn medication: Zantac and how a test batch was contaminated with a compound called N-nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA. This compound is a “probable human carcinogen” that is used to make ROCKET FUEL!!

Here are some great natural remedies to consider:

Ars.: burning pains in the throat and stomach with possible food eructation. Better heat. Small sips of water makes the symptoms better. Anxious and restless. Difficulty swallowing.

Calc-c: Chronic heartburn. They burp noisily. There’s a sour taste in the mouth with the heartburn. Milk disagrees.

Carbo-veg: Gassy. Bloated. Burping provides temporary relief. The burping is sour. Better open air and a breeze. Physically tired and mentally sluggish. Worse for lying down. Extremities are cold.

Lyc: heartburn after very small snacks that lasts for a long time. Abdomen is bloated.

Nat-p: heartburn with difficulty swallowing. Sour burping.

Nux-v: there are many stomach issues: constipation, bloating, burning pains, acid reflux. Heartburn is accompanied by cough. Throat feels raw. Type “A” personality and is fiery. They like to consume food and drink in excess and then suffer for it.

Phos: Pains in the abdomen as well as bloating but feels BETTER with cold drinks. Vomiting of undigested food. Voice is hoarse.

Puls: the symptoms and causes are inconsistent. The eructations are bitter tasting. Stomach feels empty. No thirst. Lump in throat.

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