In pursuit of Homeopathy

In pursuit of Homeopathy

June 11, 2015

I believe that we are responsible for our own healing and that we have the ability to heal ourselves and that, more often than not, this process requires assistance.  I believe that people should play an active role in their healing process.  I believe that we evolve throughout our lives and that healing—spiritually, emotionally and physically—is part of this evolution.  With respect to my own evolutionary process, my work has transformed from “Reiki” to what I now consider “intuitive energy work”.  Although, I believe that there exists a metaphysical component to healing and that it impacts on the physical, I also believe in a truly wholistic approach to health in which all aspects work in conjunction with one another in order to maximize the healing capacity.
This is why I wish to become a homeopath.  I feel that I am attaining an understanding of how we function as spiritual and emotional beings, but I lack the physical & medical understanding which would make my practice a wholistic one.  I have attempted to pursue courses in natural therapies including herbalism but I concluded that I could spend a great many years piecing together this puzzle of what it is that I want to do.  When I became aware of the homeopathic medicine programme which you offer, what appealed to me the most was the scope of study within the programme.  I was impressed with the range of course topics and I feel that my search for a program had ended.
While I appreciate that traditional Western medicine has its place in our culture, my concern is that it is limited by its focus on treating the symptoms of illness as opposed to Homeopathy which focus on treating the whole person while taking into account a number of factors with impact on health.
As the health care industry is growing, perhaps exploding & more and more emphasis is placed on alternative & wholistic medicine, I believe that the integrity of practitioners will become more of an issue than it already is, in the near future.  Your programme affords students the confidence of knowing that not only are they on the leading edge of a new age in medicine but that they are attending a credible facility offering them a scope of study which they would have difficulty finding elsewhere.  I researched many alternative medicine training institutions and homeopathic training courses and The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine clearly offers an unprecedented standard of education.   

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