Homeopathy’s Role

Homeopathy’s Role

October 1, 2014

Within all of us there is a life force, it is what guides the body to health and a homeopath facilitates the process of healing.  The principles of homeopathy align with my own principles and beliefs on how an individual can heal.
I have been treated by a clinically trained homeopath since my late teens and I have had much success with it.  I was provided with homeopathic education and specific ingredients, which stimulated, enhanced and supported the inherent healing capacity that exists within myself and within all of us.
For the past eight years I have been working in a hospital where I have one-on-one contact with patients.  This has allowed me to observe, learn and recognize the shortcomings of conventional medicine and the benefits of alternative medicine and complementary medicine.  Patients are often prescribed medication to suppress their symptoms, only to end up taking another to alleviate the side effects produced by the initial one.  Subsequently a vicious cycle commences and leads to a weakened immune system and inability for the body to naturally heal itself.  Homeopathic remedies on the other hand, can free the system from fixed patterns that limit and interfere with our ability to access our deep healing resources and capacities.
Modern medicine sees symptoms as synonymous with disease and therefore ceases to remove them.  Homeopathy considers symptoms as our own responses to various causative factors.  Symptoms are adaptive measures for our body to return to centre, to balance.
My values match with the principles of homeopathy and I have a passion and a desire to learn about this form of medicine and be able to help others benefit from it as I have. I believe taking into consideration the physical, mental and emotional characteristics so that the complete individual can heal and take control of their health, and this can be achieved with homeopathic education and training in how to become a homeopath.

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