Becoming a Homeopathic Doctor..

Becoming a Homeopathic Doctor..

October 3, 2014

Health or lack thereof is a precarious thing.  On one side allopathic medicine claims to be advancing in leaps and bounds, yet on the other side it is troubling how much more ill the general population has become.  It would appear that the ever mutating and adapting microbe is triumphing over and outpacing advances made by conventional science.
My personal life is riddled with stores of loved ones who fell ill.  Some completely trusted their conventional doctor and did not live to tell their story, my mother among them.  Others are “hanging on”, mediated beyond what seems safe, their quality of life compromised, yet others have embraced “alternative medicine”.  These last family members have taken responsibility for their own health, emotional well-being and potential emotional causes for their ailment and are either doing remarkably well or have fully recovered from their “condition”, predominantly with the aid of Homeopathy.
During the birth of my daughter, the attending physician damaged her skull with forceps so badly that consulting paediatricians warned me that, at best, this child would have severe learning disabilities and might never be able to live an independent life.  I embraced Homeopathy together with a special diet, a vitamin regiment and a positive outlook on life to give my little girl the building blocks to heal her little body, mind and spirit.  By the time she attended grade 3, the provincial IQ test deemed her “gifted”.  She has excelled in every task from sports to science and music to the performing arts.  She is currently attending university, studying “Biochemistry” with the intention to go into medicine.  So what might have happened to this little girl, had I listened to the attending allopathic physicians?  While this is the story of my own child I know that there are many children, who given a chance, can also live much happier, healthier lives with the aid of Homeopathy.  I used homeopathic medicines a few years ago to relieve myself of a severe, antibiotic resistant middle/inner ear infection  Homeopathic remedies relieved me of my misery in only three days and against all odds I have not suffered any hearing loss.
To quote Steven Denk, my Darkfield Microscopy guru: “ Health in the physical body is spiritually/vibrationally induced, chemically/electrically driven and biologically carried out”.  That said only stands to reason that any discipline of medicine that deems to bring about true healing must be able to reach all three levels, the spiritual/vibrational, chemical/electrical and biological.  Homeopathy can do just that.  While the mother tinctures of low dilutions work wonders in acute situations and address physical symptoms, the higher diluations remedy the more chronic ailments and highest diluations can reach the spiritual/vibrational level, to completely erase the vibrational disharmony which induced the “condition”.
So why did I want to become a Homeopathic doctor?  Because I have lived with the principles of homeopathy and know how powerful this medicine is. I have learned to listen very carefully and work with people from all walks of life and many different cultural backgrounds in previous years; and I know that helping a person heal is accompanying them on their spiritual journey through life.  Discovering the appropriate remedy requires carefully listening and then dispensing with some wisdom.  I have lived through enough to know some of the challenges patients may encounter when embracing an “alternative or complementary” method of healing and how their healing becomes a part of self-discovery.  In the end, the experiences of “dis-ease” are challenges that lead to spiritual growth.  I wish to dedicate the remainder of this lifetime to aid people on their spiritual journey.  The science and art of Homeopathy is one of the finest instruments I know, to accomplish this.

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