Healing from Within! ..Hering’s Law..

Healing from Within! ..Hering’s Law..

November 26, 2014

Constantine Hering, one of the well-known founders of Homeopathic medicine in America, MD, was born in Oschatz, Germany on January 1,1800.  Hering grew up in a religious household, and as he got older, he developed an interest in medicine.  By the age 17 he began studying at the Surgical Academy of Dresden for three years and from there he attended Leipzig University to study medicine.
While at Leipzig, Hering was student assisting a doctor by the name of Dr. Robbi.  Dr. Robbi was a critic of Samuel Hahnemann (The founder of homeopathy) and was against of homeopathic medicine.  Robbi was approached by a local publisher to write a book disapproving homeopathic remedies, but because of the doctor’s busy schedule, he did not have the time to write the book.  He then decided to give the project to his assistant, who Hering, so pleased, quickly accepted. 
As he was studying Hahnemann’s work and re-doing his provings, he got an inflamed wound on his hand that became badly infected and was told he would have to get his hand amputated.  Hering, who was not interested in resorting to such extremes, decided instead to try homeopathic treatment to cure it and it worked!  After his amazing recovery, he made the decision to not write the book and quit his job.  Hering then went on to graduate from Leipzig University.  Hering became a homeopath after graduating (Leipzig University) in 1826, with his doctoral thesis titled “On the Medicine of the Future”. 
Hering went to Paramaribo, Surinam in 1827 and expanded his studies in homeopathic medicine.  He so happened to have proved the remedy of Lachesis by accident while working on the Bushmasters venom.  Hering later then emigrated to America in 1833, residing in Philadelphia making great contributions and went on to influence many through his work. 
One of his well-known contributions was observing the process on how the body heals, known as “Hering’s Law of Cure”.Hering observed that during the body’s healing process, the disease wants to leave the body externally.  Through this process, patients might experience the symptoms of the disease start disappearing and then appearing as part of the body healing.  Hering also observed that the body heals “from top to bottom” and from “vital organs to less vital organs”.  Hering’s “Laws” helped many future Homeopath’s understand how the human body’s natural healing process works.
Constantine Hering was highly known for his many contributions to the discovery of homeopathy.  He published many books that have been a guide to homeopathic doctors till this day.  He had died of a heart attack after his return form a house call on June 23, 1880 in Philadelphia.  His motto: “The force of gentleness is great”

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