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The urinary tract consists of the urethra, the bladder, the ureters and the kidneys. Homeopathy is a safe and effective way of treating urinary tract complaints. Here are some great remedies to consider:

Apis: burning and stinging pains during urination, scanty urine, urging to urinate which does not resolve on urination, involuntary urination

Bell: fever present due to an acute infection with frequent urinary incontinence

Berberis: burning urination, patient feels as if bladder is not empty after urination. Pain in the thighs on urination. Radiating pains that move from spot to spot.

Borax: useful with children, urination is painful and there is ineffectual urging

Cantharis: untense burning before, during and after urination, scanty urine. Urine may feel excoriating.

Coloc: for pain all over the abdomen while urinating, itching and intense pain

Nat-m: burning at the end of urination, scanty urine, sudden urge to urinate, dark urine and may contain sediment

Nit-ac: urine is offensive; burning on urination, cloudy or dark urine

Petroselinum: there is a persistent urge to urinate, burning while passing urine, itchiness in the urethra

Sarsaparilla: burning at the end of urination, urine is scanty, may be discoloured, pain in the urethra extending to the abdomen

Please see your primary healthcare team if you see blood in your urine,

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