Homeopathy is founded on clear laws and principles

Homeopathy is founded on clear laws and principles. Unlike traditional science, in which 50 percent of what is held true will eventually be proved untrue, homeopathy maintains a firm foundation while its practitioners continuously add to the field’s existing body of knowledge.

Homeopathy, does not tend to suppress illness deeper into the organism. For example, when a young child with eczema is treated allopathically with steroid creams, this condition can resolve and be replaced by asthma. In homeopathic treatment of asthma, it is not uncommon when the asthma resolves, for the eczema to temporarily recur and then gradually resolve as the suppressed condition comes back to the surface. It is expected that many diseases of the 21st century will not respond well to allopathic treatment but will respond to the many forms of alternative medicine that are better suited to address these conditions. Homeopathy does not treat patients as diseases but as individuals. Thus, practitioners of classical homeopathy will prescribe for a patient only one medication at a time. The average American is commonly thought to be taking an average of with allopathic medications at any given time (JAMA2000).

Thank you, Todd Rowe for the above. From the book “The Homeopathic Journey”.

Individualised, safe, effective and gentle. There are the reasons Homeopathy is GROWING around the world and these are the reasons we love being practitioners of this wonderful Art and Science.
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