Homeopathy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The experience of living through the COVID Pandemic has been one of inconvenience and frustration for most people, but for some people with a history of trauma and mental health issues, the pandemic has presented more of a crisis. The beginning of 2020 introduced us all to a new reality. For some, the situation has been much more severe than for others, making it difficult to function at all, never mind, thrive in this climate of uncertainty, insecurity, isolation, and confusion. These are the sorts of situations that respond well to homeopathy, and have thereby required homeopaths to be confident and competent in addressing individual experiences of trauma along with other emotional manifestations that the Pandemic has triggered for those susceptible to a poor response to such situations.
When old wounds resurface, the patient may experience PTSD, a condition that Homeopathy can help with.
This lecture was designed to help homeopaths deepen their understanding of mechanisms of physical and emotional trauma, its effects and how we can help patients who have a history of trauma and have endured its long-lasting effects.
In this lecture we will look at the homeopathic essence of the main homeopathic remedies that address the effects of trauma and will discuss individual reactions to traumatic experiences depending on their miasmatic expression.
We will look at case-taking techniques that can be applied during the homeopathic consultation to help patients get in touch with their experience and describe it in a way that leads the homeopath to choose the best suited remedy for removing the effects of their trauma.

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