Homeopathy and Allergies

Homeopathic remedies for allergies: while each allergy and reaction are quite individual, here we list some common and helpful medicines that may prove useful to you.

Allergies are a sudden hypersensitive reaction to something (dust mites, pollen, certain foods, environmental factors etc.).

Apis: where there are hives, puffy swelling, itching, burning sensation, stinging, rash. Better COLD applications.

Ars.: particularly helpful in nasal allergies where there is fluent discharge that is burning with excessive sneezing. There could also be watery eyes with burning discharge.

Euphrasia: allergies that induce eye symptoms: redness, itching, burning and watery eyes.

Nat-m: there is a runny nose with sneezing and there is difficulty breathing. The allergic reaction may also include itching. Worse in a warm room. Salt craving may be evident.

Sulphur: particularly good for skin allergies with excessive itching and burning. The skin is dry and feels better with itching.

Urtica: rash on the skin with itching and stinging sensations. Particularly useful in a shellfish allergic reaction.

All life threatening allergies should be dealt with immediately with a visit to the Emergency Room as required!

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