Alumnus: Jelena Djordjevic Aleksic

I was born and raised in Serbia, where I graduated from Medical School. After few years working as a physician, I became more and more dissatisfied with the fact that I was usually only treating symptoms, but not really dealing with the underlying cause of the diseases. My overall understanding of health and disease had changed, since I’ve been aware of the connection of mind, body and emotions. I knew, at that time, that I want to change my conventional medical practice to become holistic; I wanted to look at the person as a whole.

When I moved to Canada I began my studies in Homeopathy after observing how Homeopathic medicines effected a remarkable and rapid improvement with my son who suffered from eczema, allergies and speech issues. I was inspired to learn and understand how homeopathy has cured my son as well as many other people worldwide. This mode of holistic treatment fits so well with me and my philosophy, which resulted in my decision to study homeopathy at Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine, where I graduated with Honours. I’ve studied with some of the most renowned prominent homeopaths in the world, including Rajan Sankaran, Jeremy Sherr, Divya Chhabra etc.

I use my medical knowledge, combined with homeopathic experience to treat a variety of acute and long term chronic conditions. My goal is to help my patients to improve and cure their mental, physical and emotional well-being, by providing individualized care that meets their unique needs, with no side effects.


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