Homeopathic Remedies for Coughs

 Homeopathic Remedies for Coughs

There are hundreds of remedies that could be prescribed for cough symptoms but below are some common homeopathic remedies to consider.


“I can’t believe how suddenly it came on after walking in the cold wind”
Excellent remedy for nipping colds, fevers, sore throats in the bud if it is caught at the early stages.  The symptoms appear suddenly after being chilled in the cold air. The cough is dry, croupy and barking that can cause breathlessness or fast breathing.  Worse for talking and deep breathing, draughts of cold air and better for lying on the back.

Antimonium Tartaricum

“I feel like I am drowning in mucus and you can actually hear the mucus flapping like liquid”
This is a noisy rattling, loose cough and the bronchial tubes seem overloaded with mucus.  Expectoration is very difficult. It can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and the person may retch ineffectually. The cough may be excited for eating, or when children get angry, It is worse at night and there is temporary relief from coughing up mucus.


“I am like a bear with a sore head and my chest hurts when I move”
The cough is dry, painful, hard and the coughing fits shake the whole body.  There is little or no expectoration and there is great dryness of all air passages.  Movement or deep breathing aggravates the person and they hold there body to prevent further movement. The person is very irritable “like a bear with a sore head”.  They feel better for long drinks of cold water, fresh air and lying on the painful side as any movement causes pain.


“As soon as my head hits the pillow there is violent coughing fits that end in retching and vomiting”
This is a barking cough that is dry in the evening and loose in the morning. It comes in violent fits in rapid succession which takes the breath away to the point of retching and vomiting. Hoarseness, nose bleeds and vomiting of mucus or food just eaten may accompany the cough. Sputum is yellow green, and the face appears blue when coughing. They are worse after drinking, lying down, talking, after midnight and feel better for holding the chest or abdomen. (Big remedy indicated for whooping cough)


“Every cold goes to my chest, my throat tickles, I can’t speak and I am very thirsty for iced cold water”
This cough can be either dry or loose and every cold seems to drop to the chest. There is a great feeling of tightness and burning in the chest and there is a ticklish feeling in the throat. The cough disturbs the sleep and the person will have to sit up to cough up large amounts of mucus. The larynx and throat feel raw or hoarse and talking or laughing aggravates.  They feel better for heat and sleeping on the right side.

Credit to: Eileen Scullion, Registered Homeopath


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Be sure to consult a Licensed Homeopath before starting any new remedy protocol.

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