Homeopathic Medicines for Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis, also recognized as “pink eye” is when the white part of the eye turns pink and there is discharge (usually yellow). This condition is essentially an inflammation of the conjunctiva and is usually cause by a viral or bacterial infection, an allergy or an irritant. Symptoms can include pain, burning, a feeling as if there’s sand in the eye, itching, redness, swelling and watery eyes. If the cause is a virus, there could be a discharge with a contagious aspect.

Here are great remedies that can help this condition:

Acon: when there is thin water discharge from the eye accompanied by heat, swelling and a feeling that there is sand in the eyes.

Allium cepa: eye discharges are bland but nasal discharges are acrid.

Arg-n: agglutination with excessive eye discharges and the eyes are red and swollen.

Bell: when there is a sudden onset, redness in the eye, it is dry and swollen. Congested. Photophobia.

Borax: when there is agglutination that is worse in the morning

Calc-sulph: when there are discharges that are thick and yellow, there is itching and burning.

Euphrasia: when inflamed eyes are accompanied by acrid discharges. Marked are the burning, itching and redness in the eyes. Thin watery discharges from the eyes. Bland nasal discharges and sneezing may be present.

Pulsatilla: when the are green/yellow discharges. Burning and itching of the eyes is prominent.

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