Remedy: Aethusa cynapium

Remedy spotlight: Aethusa cynapium
This homeopathic remedy is also known as garden hemlock. Patients needing this remedy feel as though everything is attacking them. There is a violent acute experience so they try to push things out. This remedy has a special affinity for the GI tract.

Main features include:
– A very big love of animals, devotes their life to animals
– Acute disorders with vomiting and diarrhoea and extreme prostration, especially in newborns, worse in the summer
– Vomiting causes weakness and stupor
– Hungry after vomiting
– Intolerance of milk
– Patient looks anxious, is restless and crying
– Eruptions on nose
– Very introverted, feels no one understands them, has strong emotions
– Brain fog, inability to think
– Swollen lymphatics
– Eruptions around joints

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