Colocynthis as a homeopathic remedy

Acute pediatric case: Sharp abdominal pain after eating a snack in an 8 year old girl. Siblings had the same snack without any adverse reaction. Symptoms included pain with gas, better with knees pressed into abdomen (bending double). Worse walking; patient felt nauseous.
Prescription: colocynthis 200CH single dose. Complete recovery in 30 minutes.
More about colocynthis as a homeopathic remedy: a great remedy for colic pain, neuralgic and crampy pain. Pain is centered in the abdomen and better bending double. There may be numbness that follows the pain.

This patient’s emotional symptoms are strong: anger, impatience and is easy offended.

There may be sharp pain on one side of the head.

Neuralgic pain in tooth that radiates to the entire side of the head.

Terrible cramps during menses better heat and pressure.

Neuralgic pains in limbs, worse motion, better pressure and maybe be followed by numbness.

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