Diarrhoea and Homeopathy

Diarrhoea and Homeopathy: If this condition lasts for a long time, you should be treated by examining the underlying causative factors. Furthermore, medical attention should be sought to prevent dehydration and complications.

Aloe: where the stool is copious, watery and yellow. There is an urgency to pass stool, rumbling and often involuntary loss of stool with flatus.

Arg-n: when diarrhoea is due to anxiety or nervousness. There is excessive gas. There is mucous in the stool with cutting pains. Bloating.

Ars: diarrhoea due to food poisoning. Patient feels cold, anxious and burning pains in the anus.

Cham: when there is diarrhoea during dentition. Sour smelling, green coloured stool. Child is irritable, restless and demands to be carried. Hot and sweaty.

China: when there is a substantial loss of fluids that causes weakness. The stool is yellow and frothy with a distended abdomen, excessive gas and belching bitter tasting fluid.

Colchicum: the stool has a strong odour, there is pain in the anus and burning as well as mucous in the stool.

Colocynthis: where there is abdominal cramping, accompanied by colic, better bending double. The stool is watery, of course, sour smelling, burning and pricking pain in the anus and there is increased flatulence.

Croton-t: when diarrhoea comes on after having a light meal or small drink. Patient is also affected in warm weather with gushing diarrhoea.

Nat-c: for diarrhoea that comes on after mild consumption.

Podophylum: for stools that are painless, explossive, watery and strong smelling. Stool will contain undigested food particles. Patient has difficulty controlling release of stool.


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