Bed Sores & Homeopathy

Bed sores are common among those who are in a situation where they spend a lot of time in a bed or wheelchair. Since the patient remains in a specific position, the skin and underlying tissue becomes damaged due to a lack of blood flow. When the skin is moist, there is an even grater chance of developing bed sores. They are most commonly seen on the heels, the sacrum, the hips, shoulders, elbows and spine. Symptoms include discolored skin, pain, itching and blisters that result in ulcers. There could be both pus and an offensive odour, which require immediate attention.

Below are some homeopathic remedies that will help with the healing of bed sores:

Apis: skin is red and hot. Burning or stinging pain. Worse touch and heat.

Arnica: sore and discoloured appearance. A feeling of being bruised. Itchy.

Ars: offensive discharge – putrid. Burning pain, worse night. Weakness.
Carbo-veg: skin is blue in colour and cold. Skin may be humid and itching with sweat. Worse night. Bleeding of sores. Marked weakness.

Hepar-sulph: when the discharge is full of pus AND bloody. Great pain – burning and stinging.

Paeonia: for bed sores that are found on the sacrum and coccyx specifically with itching and burning.

Pyrogenium: in extreme bed sores where the infection is spreading to the blood. There is a fever and trembling. Skin is cold. Sweat. Extensive discharge with offensive odor.

Silicea: where there is excessive pus. Extreme pain and ulcer is very sensitive.


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