Homeopathic Medicine

Has Australia’s Medical Research Council been caught producing highly problematic research to discredit homeopathy?

By Ananda More HD, DHMHS Homeopath and Filmmaker
�Republished from ‪Greenmedinfo.com

The message that homeopathy doesn’t work has been hammered by the mainstream media and the medical industry. Even for those who are supporters of natural medicine, the message that homeopathic medicine is scientifically impossible seems to resound deeply. The notion that diluted and potentized medicine not only works, but is highly effective, appears preposterous at first glance, particularly in the light in which it is presented. Is homeopathy really unscientific? A deep dive into medical literature proves otherwise. There are a couple of studies, systematic literature reviews, which the medical industry and media have upheld as the basis for their narrative. This is the very important story of one of those studies.

A Systematic Review released five years ago by the National Health and Medicine Research Council of Australia (NHMRC) has been used globally to shape policy around homeopathic medicine. This study used a highly questioned methodology never seen before nor since in a systematic review. The bias was so evident and profound, that a freedom of information request on this review led to the discovery that a high quality study with a more positive outlook for homeopathy had actually been buried. High intrigue and drama indeed!

To read the full article, please visit: https://bit.ly/2VyPqV4


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