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Mastitis is the painful swelling of breast tissue during breastfeeding. This is a fairly common condition and develops because of the block in flow of the milk ducts, from trauma to the breast or from an infection that comes into the breast from cracked nipples. The breast tissue becomes swollen, hot, painful to the touch and there could be red discolouration. Homeopathic remedies are safe to use during nursing and can be used successfully to treat mastitis.

Remedies to consider tor mastitis:

Bell: when the breasts are swollen, red, hot and throbbing. They are tender to the touch, the skin is dry and the face red and hot (possibly with a fever). Worse lying down.

Bryonia: swollen breast that is worse any kind of movement. Breast is very hard, like stones and must be held to feel relief. Better rest.

Phytolacca: swollen breasts that are hard and lumpy. Nipples are sore to the touch. Nursing is extremely painful and the pain may radiate to other parts of the body. Pain is stinging or shooting in nature. Discolouration of the skin – dark red. Nipples cracked.

Croton tig: swollen breasts that are hard. Drawing pain radiates to the back after nursing.

Silicea & Hepar sulph: when suppurating abscess forms. The discharge may be offensive, there is a lot of pain and patient feels chilly.

Should a fever be present, one should seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider.
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