Homeopathic Medicine

We have been waiting for this moment!! You can now watch Magic Pills online! We are thrilled to announce that our alumnus, Ananda More Hom, DHMHS is a first-time filmmaker, and no stranger to storytelling. Her debut film Magic Pills exposes what publications and media in general don’t dare discuss regarding health and financial interests.��Can Homeopathy Save Lives? A documentary that examines the Evidence Base and Real-World Use for Homeopathy.��ABOUT THE MAGIC PILLS MOVIE (from magicpillsmovie.com

): Our current medical system is broken. It focuses on profits and disease, rather than people and wellness.��Homeopathy could be one of the more affordable and effective forms of medicine available. It’s been used to treat disease with very compelling results. There is an increasing body of evidence in the scientific literature to support the 200 years of clinical homeopathic experience, but this evidence is concealed and falsely ridiculed by a system afraid of alternatives.��It examines scientific research and evidence to support the idea that homeopathy is not only plausible but effective and affordable.��Ananda travels the world in this film and uncovers whether homeopathy is truly science-based and effective or a mere placebo that endangers lives.��Watch the movie here: https://watch.magicpillsmovie.com


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