Not too young to learn about homeopathy

Yesterday was a big homeopathy prescription day in our household. Two of the three kids needed an acute remedy.

1. The youngest fell and bumped her head at school.

2. The eight-year-old had anxiety about writing a spelling test.

When I picked them up from school yesterday, we talked about everyone’s day. Each of the kids had something to say, which is always great. I discussed the minor head injury and resulting inflammation. Every chance I get, I try to sneak in some homeopathic education! Of course, I asked what remedy was suitable for this injury and in unison, the three children exclaimed “ARNICA”! YEESSS!!

Now the second prescription…eight year old was getting anxious and crying because she was anticipating a spelling test. She was trembling and was restless. I asked the kids “Can anyone give me the name of ONE remedy that could be useful in this case”? The SI X year old cried out “JASMINE”…what’s the homeopathic name for Jasmine (I ask) and the ten year old said “Gelsemium”! YESSS!!! AGAIN YES!!!

Proud moment indeed.

I prescribed Arg-n above with quick success. High fives all around for the kids knowing what remedy to use in these situations and how to help themselves! Knowledge is power. Education is key.

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