Magic Pills Premiere

Magic Pills Premiere-Toronto October 27th, 2019: Review by Gill Graham BSc (Hons), BA (Hons), DHMHS� �The Toronto Premiere of Magic Pills took place on October 27th at The Royal Cinema in Toronto. It has become one of Toronto’s most cherished landmarks, so it was perfect to host the prestigious Toronto Premiere of Magic Pills.� �There was a great turn out. Even though I have seen the film many times, every time I watch, something else of huge significance captures my attention. This time, what I found striking was how much work was involved in its making; planning, research, interviews with patients, doctors and scientists. Ananda stated at the outset: ‘We are making this film to shine a light on the scientists, doctors, and health practitioners whose work has been hidden from the public, wrongfully discredited and silenced in the name of scepticism and public protection.’ The content of the film challenges the idea that ‘there is no evidence for homeopathy, indeed examining the evidence base, detailing how a leptospirosis epidemic in Cuba was stopped using homeopathy, cancer patients benefiting in Kolkata, India, and in the case of Aids in Africa as a useful, powerful adjunct to conventional medicine.

For a full, in-depth review on the film, go to:…/magic-pills-film-critique/

The dynamic Toronto Premiere was without doubt, well received, with standing ovations; it was a fitting tribute to the producer and director, Ananda, as she brought the movie home.


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