Bell’s Palsy’s Clinical Case

A great clinical case of Bell’s Palsy to inspire you:

A 46 year old female came to me with weakness of one side of mouth (left side). There was deviation of the angle of mouth to the right side. She was not able to hold or chew food properly. I found she had exposure to cold wind while sitting near window in a bus and she also told me that the complaint started very soon after the journey. On examination, it was found to be a case of left sided Bell’s Palsy.

In the Synthesis 9.1 repertory, I found paralysis: cold from and paralysis left side. From the text book we all know that Causticum is very well indicated in such cases. I prescribed Causticum and explained a few exercises to strengthen her facial muscles.

Prescription: Causticum 200CH tid for 6 days. After this, on examination, I found some deviation was still persisting BUT she could hold and chew food at that time. The weakness of the muscles was little better. I changed the potency to 1M O.D for another 15 days. After 15 days, she was normal apart from some weakness which got better with the addition of physiotherapy.

Causation plays an important role for a good homeopathic prescription; if it is found in a case it should be used. The case was a left sided palsy, but Causticum was not present in that rubric. The rubric one sided paralysis (left side) was used.

Master Hahnemann stated of giving and repeating drugs at frequent intervals in acute conditions in his treatise ‘Organon of Medicine’.

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