Night Terrors & Homeopathy

Night terrors are different from nightmares in that it’s difficult to wake a child while in a terror and the dreams are difficult to recall once awake. The terror episode is not easily recalled once over. Night terrors usually happen in the first few hours after falling asleep.

Signs and symptoms: elevated heart rate, increased breathing rate, sweating, dilated pupils, screaming, crying, thrashing, walking about, confusion, does not recognize parents/caregivers and may not respond when consoled.

Homeopathic remedies for night terrors:

Aloe: child is so scared, he’s afraid to cry.

Aurum-brom: sleepwalking with night terrors. Coldness can cause migraines or fainting.

Bell: feverish with dilated pupils, red hot, throbbing skin, glaring eyes and dryness. Child may thrash around in bed. Jerking limbs. May have visions that are anxious, frightful and vivid. Hyperaesthesia of all the senses.

Calc-c: many fears and anxieties. May have visions of fire, rats, strangers in the room and monsters. They are startled by the slightest noise.

Cina: gets on hands and knees during sleep. Screams and talks in sleep. Grinds teeth.

Kali-phos: sleepwalking, sighing and moaning in sleep. Restless and heat during sleep. Amorous dreams.

Phos: sensitive to external impressions. Many fears. Dreams of things creeping out of corners. Clairvoyant.

Stram: patient may become violent – like an animal and needs to be around others because they are terrified. They have visions of ghosts and may hear voices. Needs to have a light on in order to sleep.

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