What is Homeopathy?

Definition: Science is the study of the physical and natural world through observations and experiments.

Science tells us how things are, based on current evidence. However, it cannot eliminate the possibility of unknown evidence. Therefore “settled science” does not exist because new discoveries and ways of thinking will overturn previous ideas. New WAYS of looking at evidence, new discoveries and more sophisticated technology consistently overturned “settled science”.

In this video compiled by #boironcanada and featuring Rachel Roberts and Dr. Alex Tournier, the discussion about what homeopathy is and is not is on the table as well as the placebo effect.

Have a look: https://bit.ly/2SCzu2G

“Real World Effectiveness study: one example in Bristol, UK – Homeopathic Hospital tracked 6,500 consecutive patients over 6 years and just assessed what happened to those patients. They found that 70% of those patients reported a clinical benefit from Homeopathy and 50% of them said that this was a major health improvement. That’s very simple research that tells decision makers and health departments and patients what they need to know.” Rachel Roberts

“There is real demand for more research from a physics and chemistry.” Dr. Alex Tournier

Let’s keep supporting science and keep our patients thriving – clinical evidence is priceless!


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